My letter from the start of the Pandemic

Friends, family, clients, community.

So much has been said already by far more poetic people than myself in the past few weeks that I’m not going to try to attempt to make a novel and poignant statement.   

Rather, I want to share the stories so many of you have shared with me, of your business, non-profits, and lives in profound disruption.

I’ve collected these stories and invite you to take a moment to read through each of them. I suspect you’ll find yourself moved, inspired and, I hope, a little less alone at this moment of physical distancing, one where we need togetherness more than ever.

The stories are here – Please have a look

I feel so grateful to work with such an inspiring community. I know some of you have been wanting to write back and haven’t had time yet. To be clear, please keep sharing your stories with me (and my mom, thank you for your help!), I’ll be adding more as they come in and posting updates to my newsletter and facebook page.

COVID-19 Financial Resources for Individuals, Business and Non-Profits

Me and my colleagues with Asset to the Resistance have developed a broad set of information and resources for individuals and small-businesses of all sizes. Here’s you’ll find information on nearly all of the recent changes from congressional bills, information about organizational loan and grants, government benefits, and ways to volunteer/donate if you are in a position to do so.

The Guide is here – Please share it far and wide

I’ve also created a this free webinar covering tax implications of recent congressional actions for businesses and non-profits.

Discounted consulting for businesses and non-profits in trouble

I don’t want anyone to think the government has provided us with easy answers to our current financial troubles, let alone the health crisis…and yet, there are a truly historic volume and number of resources out there right now, especially for small businesses. As someone who (especially under our current administration) generally sees the government failing to help people, genuinely stunned by the breadth and depth.

I just wish I could say they were more straightforward to access – I’d rather see everyone get checks in the mail then the complicated system here (perversely, it’s already been called the “Accountants Full Employment Act”).

The document linked above is a free resource to the community and provides a lot of information – use it, share it, analyze it. And, let’s be real, I wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for government bureaucracy creating a need for help interpreting and strategizing around things like this. For anyone needing additional consulting help, I’ve got some options:

  • All of my bookkeeping clients are eligible for a free, 30 minute consult. I strongly suggest looking at the document above first to prepare any and all follow up questions.
  • My tax clients / retainer clients are eligible for 50% off normal billing for COVID-19 related consults.
  • New clients and others not fitting the categories above will receive a 20% discount below my normal pricing.

These discounted/free consults are for folks whose financial well-being has been significantly disrupted by the global pandemic. Consulting for everyone else is of course still available at at my normal rates! Please wait to schedule with me until Wednesday at soonest. Despite attending a 4 hour webinar, reading dozens of fairly technical articles from the IRS, Department of Labor, Senate committees, talking to more than a half dozen other accountants, etc. I still have a lot of questions about the finer points of recent government programs too and I want to be as prepared as possible for you all.

Thank you for being brave, vulnerable, and resolved in these moments, we’re gonna make it through together,



I got all but done with my best of 2019 playlists before this shit happened; they’re close enough for now. Check them out at Best Songs of 2019 and Best Albums of 2019.

A photo of me from a few weeks back, early days of social distancing. I found some wild nettles – I was missing them for a full year before they came back. I hope we’ll all be back together before too long too.

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