Whether you’re starting your own business and want to be your own bookkeeper, are seeking a skilled facilitator for your budget planning process, or just have a nagging issue with your balance sheet, I specialize in short term and on-call assistance customized to your needs. I offer:

    • On-the-fly support utilizing rapid screen-sharing technologies.
    • Introductory, advanced, and specialized 1-on-1 training in Quickbooks, Xero, and Excel.
    • Advising and facilitation of fiscal committees including budget, finance, hiring, and strategic planning work.
    • Interim accounting services for businesses and non-profits who have lost critical staff positions.
    • Introductory and advanced training in the fundamentals of accounting.
    • Assistance in oversight, evaluation and training of new bookkeeping staff.
    • Comprehensive reviews of fiscal-administrative systems and internal controls.
    • Grant budget writing and funds management consulting.
    • Audit preparation.
    • Guidance on best practices for accounting software integration.

Read about my philosophy of fiscal training or contact me to schedule a free preliminary consultation.

Board Training at the Oregon Coalition's 2016 Conference