My Expertise

I bring a strong managerial and administrative background to my fiscal work, providing my clients with a unique set of skills.

  • Budgeting and cash flow development.
  • Personalized financial training for managers and new bookkeepers.
  • Fiscal reporting to business partners, senior management, Boards of Directors.
  • Grant writing and funds management.
  • Audit preparation.
  • Evaluations of fiscal-administrative systems and internal controls.
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder fiscal planning.
  • Introductory and advanced fiscal literacy workshops for non-accountants.
  • Best practices for accounting software integration.
  • Advanced expertise in Quickbooks, Excel, Xero, and other accounting solutions.

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My experience

Since 2008, I’ve managed money and business strategy full time for a diverse array of employers and clients including Bitch Media, publishers of the magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture; booking agencies such as Waveform; the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence; and many other non-profits, as well as small businesses ranging from life coaches to apparel makers to construction companies.

My background

While my focus over the past decade has been mastery of non-profit and small business accounting and financial strategy, I wasn’t always the person presenting the numbers. I’ve been deeply involved in social justice and environmental work for nearly two decades. I’ve worked in the non-profit sector in roles as diverse as grassroots organizer, ecological educator, volunteer coordinator, office manager, as well as IT and database development.

My advocacy work has included six months in New Orleans doing relief work beginning weeks after Hurricane Katrina made landfall where I helped establish Common Ground Relief. I’m also co-founder of the climate change advocacy group Rising Tide and have worked as a grassroots organizer for the human rights organization Global Exchange. I’m proud to have helped establish the administrative infrastructure for Bark an organization now widely reknown as the guardian of Mt. Hood National Forest.

In addition to my accounting and administrative background, I have a B.S. in Plant Taxonomy and Ecology (accounting for plants, rather than dollars). When not partying with spreadsheets and charts of accounts, I like to cook elaborate meals, play complicated board games, and botanize in the Cascade mountains.

Photo of Brian's hand, holding a mushroom