I work with small businesses and non-profits who know their field better than anyone – whether it’s stopping domestic violence or promoting up-and-coming electronic music talent. They work with me because I understand how their effectiveness depends upon understanding their numbers, how accounting can hinder or empower their work.

In my line of work I hear story after story of bookkeepers leaving managers in the dark, setting up systems only they truly understand. My philosophy of accounting puts my client’s knowledge and needs first. Your books – from your budget and chart of accounts to your monthly reports and invoices – exist to serve you and not your bookkeeper or tax preparer.

I know what it’s like to be intimidated by accounting jargon and to be flustered by a lack of baseline knowledge. I believe in accounting that breaks down those barriers. That means no question is too small. No explanation isn’t worth repeating or explaining in a different way. My goal is always to bring patience and personalized support to my clients so they feel fully confident in their understanding of both my work and of the fiscal health of their organization.

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